Pallas Hedonist Snowboard

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Note:  This board is available to demo before you buy.  If you're interested in taking it out for a demo and have your own bindings, give us a call at 916-505-7964 or contact us by email.  Your demo fee would be credited toward the purchase price if you decide to buy it!

He’don∙ist (noun): A person whose life is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure.

You’re a free spirit that sees the mountain as one big playground, with unlimited pleasure in any direction you go. Forward, backward, sideways or overways: how you ride the mountain looks different every time and no two runs are alike. And that’s the way the Hedonist snowboard likes it. The only constant that gets you both fired up is your drive to savor all the good stuff — like fresh groomers and creative side hits — and filter out all the rest. The pleasure is all yours.

  • Wide waist provides smooth, stable landings.
  • Wave camber delivers power and pop in every turn.
  • Blunted tips increase float in powder.
  • True twin tip design gives equality to either direction.
  • Rides true to size.