Climbing the Seven Summits

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CLIMBING THE SEVEN SUMMITS: A Guide to Each Continents’ Highest Peak
Author: Mike Hamill
Mountaineers Books
352 pages, 8.5″ X 10″, 978-1-59485-648-8

  • First and only guidebook to climbing all Seven Summits
  • Full color with 125 photographs and 24 maps including a map for each summit route
  • Essential information on primary climbing routes and travel logistics for mountaineers, with historical and cultural anecdotes for armchair readers. Aconcagua. Denali. Elbrus. Everest. Kilimanjaro. Kosciuszko. Vinson. To a climber, these mountains are known as the “Seven Summits”* — the highest peaks on each continent.  And from Antarctica to Alaska, Nepal to Tanzania, each year thousands of climbers from all over the world attempt at least one of them, while a growing number have plans to climb each and every mountain. Drawing on years of experience, veteran Seven Summit mountain guide Mike Hamill describes overall considerations for expedition planning and high-altitude trips, gear recommendations, tips on international travel and logistics, and estimates of financial costs. In-depth descriptions of each of the Seven Summits includes a regional map, a map of the primary climbing route, a route overlay on a photo, and a sample climbing itinerary that covers peak-specific technical climbing tips and what to expect on summit day. Throughout Hamill’s descriptions, renowned alpinists offer their own advice: Eric Simonson on Everest, Vern Tejas on Denali, and Melissa Arnot on Kilimanjaro. Hamill also includes the “other” Seven Summit, the Carstensz Pyramid in New Guinea; climbing facts and figures for each peak; a history of the Seven Summits challenge; and a unique “compare and contrast” chart that reveals how the peaks stack up against each other. From the first steps of trip dreaming, to figuring out gear and plane tickets, to kicking those final, sublime steps up to the snowy top of Denali or Aconcagua — this is the one-and-only authoritative book to guide readers to all of the world’s Seven Summits.


*Within mountaineering circles there is debate over which peaks are considered the official Seven Summits. For the purposes of this guidebook, the Seven Summits are based on the continental model used in Western Europe, the United States, and Australia, also referred to as the ‘Bass list.’

If you have your sights set on the Seven Summits –- the highest point on each continent -– you can do no better in print than a copy of Climbing the Seven Summits by Mike Hamill (the Mountaineers Books).

Peppered with tips on gear and technique, maps for the major routes and quotes from mountaineer- ing’s greats, it is an excellent reference for those serious about an undertaking that has been achieved by only 350 people.

-Action Asia Magazine